Joan Kiefer

Joan Kiefer, Miromar Design Center's July 2012 Designer of DistinctionJoan Kiefer Interiors & Burdette Design Build, LLC

800 Lake Vista Court
Naples, FL 34108

About the Designer

Joan Kiefer has been in an interior design business for over 30 years. Joan’s design experience includes residential design, as well as major health-care and commercial projects. These projects have all provided a valuable and successful background to hone her creative talents. Before founding her own design business in Columbus, Ohio, Joan was Senior Interior Designer for a major national architectural firm. She also owned an antique shop and served as a docent for an art museum. Joan moved to Naples seven years ago with her husband (a certified building contractor). Joan started her own business, Joan Kiefer Interiors. She also started a design build business, Burdette Design Build LLC, with her husband. Burdette Design Build specialize in remodeling homes and condos. They also provide all services relative to interior space, aesthetics, planning, application of specialized knowledge of interior construction, building codes and materials; along with furnishings, finishes, art and accessories. Joan works on projects together with her husband and separately, depending on the client’s needs.

Design Philosophy

My design philosophy, which is fundamental to our practice, is the conviction that a design must flow from and be responsive to the needs of the client. The challenge to the designer is to accept diverse functional requirements and solve them within a single unifying theme. Design is a tough profession. You are asked to put your heart on the line all the time. The only way a designer can do good design is to get personally involved and care about each project. The difference between a good designer and a bad one is that a good one solves the right problems. Each new project gives an opportunity to fine tune and adjust our approach, and to be honest, get excited while applying our knowledge, expertise and creativity. We take our work seriously and enjoy satisfied clients because of our thoroughness, and level of attention. We believe in only doing work that is worth the client’s money, the necessary balance between time well spent and talent well applied. The difference between a great outcome and an ordinary one is the meshing of a thousand details that either fit or don’t, and a passionate spirit that works to tie them all together.

Take us through your design process – how do you begin developing each project?

During my design process, I carefully listen to the client to uncover their hopes and thoughts for the project. It is key to interpret their desire to have a successful outcome.

How do you work to incorporate interior architecture and furnishings, and how do they influence each other?

I incorporate the interior architecture and furnishings into what is always an instinctive and necessary combination.

How do you work to develop and define your clients’ personal styles?

The client tells you what they want, even if sometimes they don’t always state it in words. I listen and then it is my job to interpret and surprise them with exactly what they always wished for, and did not know how to define.

How do you incorporate clients’ existing items into the plan?

I define their favorite items or the favorite items that are necessary to keep and sometimes re-purpose and relocate furnishings to accommodate the new plan.

When you work with a client, how do you know what direction to take the color?

I usually can tell by looking at the client, what they are wearing and their style.

Are there some favorite things you have found? Things you reach for again and again because they seem to always work?

I try to use different furnishings and accessories to make each project unique.

Tell us about a time you had to discourage a direction a client wanted to take?

I usually solve this by providing an alternate that they had not considered.

Tell us about one of your favorite projects?

My all time favorite was being tasked with the purchase of artwork for a new convention center in Columbus, OH. I visited all the Ohio artists’ studios for six weeks selecting large scale artwork for all the public spaces.

What is your Fee Method?

I am flexible and it is variable depending on project criteria.