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Janet Bilotti Janet Bilotti Interiors Inc
FL License #: ID0000011

Naples, FL 34109




Designer Spotlight

About the designer

Founded in 1994, Janet Bilotti Interiors, ASID, is creative, timeless and inviting to the client’s lifestyle. Her designs have the hallmarks of attention to detail in space, scale, and materials. Her residential projects include homes for high-profile clients throughout the United Sates and Europe. A magnum cum laude graduate from Concord University with a degree in visual communications, Bilotti is NCIDQ qualified, maintains Florida ID license #11 and IB license #770.

How do you personalize a client’s home?

My clients are well traveled, sophisticated and very aware of good interior design and design trends. This enables us to explore together different avenues of design. A great home should revolve around a client’s lifestyle and family and should continue to delight them and grow with their needs.

How closely do you work with clients?

I try to tailor my business to the individual client and their needs and desires. Some clients need more direction, some need more input. We try to listen and meet their needs to create a timeless, inviting interior.

How has your design sense evolved since you began?

After 30 years of working with clients on their homes, I spend more time interviewing and listening to their preferences, habits and lifestyles. I am continually challenged and motivated to make a client’s home more than they thought it could be.

What’s the quickest way to change the character of a space?

The most basic transformation of a space is the introduction of color. Warm colors such as yellow or red advance, and cool colors such as blue or green recede. These basic principles can lower a high ceiling or improve proportions of a space. I use color in a creative way to give an element of surprise-pleasing but unexpected.

What color palettes should people use?

People should not be afraid of using any color palette they enjoy. I like to look back in history for inspiration, including color ideas. Depending on the level of interest and detail in the architecture, the use of white can be quite dramatic. Most people are unaware that the “streamlined modem” buildings of the 1930s in South Beach were originally mostly all white-no pastels. This allowed the details, such as stepped walls, curves and cantilevered elements to be dramatic in their light and dark striation.

What provides the inspiration for your designs?

I find inspiration for interior design in almost every place, such as fashion, past and present, flora and fauna, historical buildings, and even package design.

What is your favorite space in your home? Why?

I have a desk in the middle of the living space at our beach cottage where I like to spend Sundays. I can draft, dream, sketch, and even answer these questions while enjoying the Gulf of Mexico.