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“Helpful Hues and Proper Lighting Make Your Home a Safe Environment”

FREE Presentation & Reception
March 28 at 11 AM

Presented by Wanda Gozdz

As we get older, adults require 70% more light than a 20-year-old because our pupils contract more, and darker colors make our eyes work harder. Understanding which colors are easier on the eye help us with wayfinding. Proper lighting and color contrast increase safety and provide signals when we have to deal with surface or room changes. For example, increased lighting and color contrast help us to navigate our home more safely. The contrast between the floor and the wall aids our ability to walk more confidently.

When it comes to wayfinding, color can be used in at least four significant ways:
• Identification: as a brand identifier often in harmony with a logo
• Action: for links, buttons, and other actions like voting and rating
• Signification: to let us know where we are, as in “you are here”
• Notification: to let us know there is something new

Sponsored by Henredon Interior Design Showroom

“Color Story: From Fashion to Furniture, Fabrics & Finishes”

FREE Presentation & Reception
March 30 at 11 AM


Style isn’t just for the catwalk—the most well-received colors and prints often also find their way into the world of interior design. During February fashion weeks all across the world, style enthusiasts glimpse a preview of the year’s up-andcoming trends. Join Vivian Armenti and Ellen Barron of Henredon Interior Design Showroom as they discuss how to draw inspiration straight from the runway and incorporate these beautiful concepts into the rooms in your home.

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